Biography of Dr.Sheikh Mohammed Hilali

Introduction of Sheikh Mohammad Hilali

Sheikh Mohammad Hilali came to Wichita in 1984, has moved around the country for a while and came back to Wichita in 2003 and he is residing there since then. He is one of the founders and the first president of board of trustees of Islamic Society of Wichita.


  • Doctorate of Management in organizational leadership, University of Phoenix. (2011)
  • Master of Science in Physics, Wichita State University. Wichita. Kansas. (1991)
  • Bachelor of Science in Education and Science, Sanaa University. Yemen. (1977)
  • Bachelor of Art in Islamic Studies, Al Azher University. Yemen (1972)
  • Several Ejazah in Islamic Studies
  • Associate Degree in Leadership from National Institute of Administration, Saudi Arabia
  • Associate Degree in Administration from National Institute of Administration, Yemen

Research and publishing:

HH. Hamdeh, M R. Al-Hilali, NS. Dixon, and LS. Fritz. (1992). Mossbauer-spectroscopy study of amorphous Fe-Ge alloys. Phys. Rev. B 45, 2201 – Published 1 February 1992

Al-Hilali, M. (2012). Transformational leadership and organizational effectiveness: A predictive study at American Muslim organizations (Doctoral dissertation, UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX).


  • Director of Islamic Affairs. Islamic Society of Wichita. Kansas. (September 2004 to Present)
  • Principal, Annoor Islamic School, Wichita. Kansas (2003-2004)
  • Lecturer at Wichita State University, A Concise History of The Middle East
  • Lecturer at American Islamic University for six years
  • Director of Distance Learning at the Center for Islamic Education, Kansas City, Missouri, 1999-2003.
  • Head Department/Quran study and Islamic tarbiyah at Annoor Islamic School
  • Guest speaker to many American Universities and conferences
  • Professional coach and trainer in several areas such as: transformational leadership, effective teaching, raising righteous children, family budgeting, strong and happy Muslim family.

Current project:

Meaning of the Quran with applications and implications (Tafseer of the Noble Quran) can be found at


I am married and have two children: a son who is four and a daughter who is eleven. I have lived in Wichita KS for more than twenty years. I have visited almost all major cities in US and I have lived for several years in San Diego CA, Dallas TX, and Kansas City MO. I am into reading, studying and staying fit. I love doing research on the topic of leadership. Though, I have earned a Doctorate in Management and specialized in Organizational leadership, I believe the concept of leadership is an elusive one: you know everything about it, yet you do not know what it is sometimes. I have a Master degree in Physics from WSU and published a paper in the Journal of Physics. Physics says there are only three forces that run the universe: electromagnetism force for communication, gravity for structure, and nuclear force for energy. I view life like a train has four engines two at front (media and education) and two at the back (physics and leadership).